Purpose is the piece of the vision that is ours to do; that is an expression of our innate gifts and is within our capacity to take on. Miki Kashtan

What is this group?

We are vision and purpose driven

Empathy Train was established by Adigo Atabo in 2021, to build an empathy-literate community.

Influenced by the work of Miki Kashtan, the vision is now for an inner circle of care and trust that processes feelings and needs, providing nourishment and support to enact our purpose.

Adigo's Mission

Adigo would like to sift through Miki's writings on power and privilege, to extract key elements into a mind map, and then, possibly, create an inforgraphic from the elements. You can view the latest version of the mind map and provide feedback using the contact form below.

Invitation to Co-work

Because Adigo has more than she can handle, she would benefit from co-working with others, therefore you are invited to co-work with her. Spend time working on a project that is meaningful to you, while Adigo works on the power and privilege project.

Purpose is accessed by listening for where there is an energetic pull in the direction of the vision and following it. Miki Kashtan

What to expect

A 2-hour video call on Wednesday evening, London UK Time, that begins and ends with a purpose-driven check-in, during which you do whatever work that is meaningful to you.

In a group, shared purpose is the intersection of the individual purposes. Miki Kashtan

How to join

Wednesday 6.00 - 8.00 pm (London UK Time) on

Nov: 23, 30

Dec: 7, 14, 21, 28

  • Register to join
  • It's okay to come to some or all sessions, depending on your availability
  • Arrive on time to avoid disrupting others

to be decided

In a group, misalignment at the level of purpose results in disengagement. Miki Kashtan


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