For it is not the anger of Black women which is dripping down over this globe like a diseased liquid. It is not my anger that launches rockets, spends over sixty thousand dollars a second on missiles and other agents of war and death, slaughters children in cities, stockpiles nerve gas and chemical bombs, sodomizes our daughters and our earth. It is not the anger of Black women which corrodes into blind, dehumanizing power, bent upon the annihilation of us all unless we meet it with what we have, our power to examine and to redefine the terms upon which we will live and work; our power to envision and to reconstruct, anger by painful anger, stone upon heavy stone, a future of pollinating difference and the earth to support our choices. Audre Lorde

Who is this for?

Where does a Black woman rest? Where is there understanding and tenderness for her? Where can she let down her defences?

If you identify as Black and as a woman, then this space is for you. A place to sit in community, to share your lived experience, find compassion, soothe your soul, support each other towards emotional freedom, and lighten the load for a better life.

The part of you, as a nonwhite person, causing you to see yourself reflected in the experience of racist people who never see themselves reflected in you or the discrimination you face, is the part of you that has internalized white supremacy. Bree Newsome

What to expect

A video call, circle process supporting deep reflection alongside the inner work of emotional care paying attention to everything that arises in you, and the outer work of relating to others with compassion.

Each meeting runs for 90 minutes, starting with a brief description of the process, then opening up to sharing. We create a sacred space in which you are invited to give your attention and share your authentic experience. A transformative practice over time, growing interconnectedness and well-being.