Putting my privilege to work

Adigo Atabo

5 January 2021

Excerpt from article on LinkedIn

As 2021 begins, we find ourselves in flux between old norms and an uncertain future. Many of us are challenged by social isolation. Certainly, this is a time to tend to emotional wellbeing. Moved by the work of Miki Kashtan, I have been asking myself, how can I use my privilege to serve others? For much of my life, I have had low self-esteem. Through mindful inquiry, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and learning about the dominance structures of patriarchy, I have come to a place of self-love and acceptance.

My education, profession and geolocation have provided me with the resources to transform my beliefs. That the latter also played a part in forming my self-image, as a Black woman growing up in Britain, hasn't escaped me. Those of you who knew me of old might be surprised to learn that these days I receive appreciation for being a calm and wise presence! I too am surprised, knowing the road that I have travelled.

One idea I have is to create a gentle space to support others in developing greater emotional awareness, which in my experience is at the heart of letting go of patterned beliefs and behaviours. I am not a therapist, I am not offering therapy. Rather, equipped with training in The Work of Byron Katie and NVC, my intention is to hold space for the communal practise of meeting ourselves and others with compassion. Therefore, I am offering a regular, free video call to anyone who would like to join in. Do share with anyone who you think might benefit.

Wishing you all a peaceful year ahead.

image credit: Free-Photos from Pixaby